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Insulation by KNAUF

Knauf Insulation

Knauf is a family company founded in 1932 by the brothers Karl and Dr. Alfons N. Knauf. Today their sons, managing partners Baldwin and Nikolaus Knauf, steer the success of the corporation's numerous enterprises in close coordination with the other family members.

A multinational producer of building materials and construction systems, Knauf remains a typical family company despite its size. With a clear vision, direct decision-making paths, a culture of innovation and a wealth of ideas contributed by all Knauf employees, Knauf is a progressive company.

Jet Spray Thermal Insulation

JetSpray Thermal Insulation is a high-performance, spray-on insulation system designed for professionals looking to provide premium performance insulation solutions.The incorporation of Knauf Insulation’s stabilized fiber technology allows the JetSpray spray-on insulation system to be applied in a net-less, side wall application—creating a custom insulation solution for every project. Some of the benefits of JetSpray include fast and convenient installation, highly precise application, lightweight packaging, and easy setup and cleanup. For more information, visit

Inner-Safe™ Concealed Space Batt 

Henry Brick’s Signature series brings out the intended style of any distinguished building project. With regional themes in mind from the streets of the Windy City to the facades of the French Quarter, these brick have a wide array of distinct color ranges and textures.

EcoRoll™ Insulation

Knauf Insulation EcoRoll glass mineral wool Insulation made with ECOSE Technology contains a high concentration of one of the world’s most abundant resources—sand—and at least 60% post-consumer recycled bottle glass bonded with ECOSE Technology. Knauf Insulation's ECOSE Technology assures that no phenol, no formaldehyde, no acrylics or artificial colors are used to manufacture EcoRoll insulation. The consistent quality, low dust, and easy-cutting resilient fiber make EcoRolls the preferred choice.

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