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Antique, Architectural, Legacy, Signature and Traditional

Brick and Block by Henry Brick (Part-1)

Antique Series

Our Antique series brick are created with the old world charm in mind. Each offering in this series has a unique weathered texture to accompany the range of earth tone and warm colors.

Arhitectural Series

Henry Brick’s Architectural series is designed to give an architect a wide array of choices to complete the perfect look for any building project. These brick have clean lines and through the body colors that range from light reddish/orange (101), red, full range red (FR), brown, to our darkest brown, coffee. This series offers a multitude of finishes available to compliment the warm colors.

Signature Series

Henry Brick’s Signature series brings out the intended style of any distinguished building project. With regional themes in mind from the streets of the Windy City to the facades of the French Quarter, these brick have a wide array of distinct color ranges and textures.

Legacy Series

Henry Brick’s Legacy series represents the true art of brick making. Brick makers have a great legacy from days gone by when brick were hand made in small batches. Although crafted with the latest technology, these brick give a nod to the past with soft, subtle and uneven texturing.

Brick and Block by Henry Brick (Part-2)

Traditional Series

Our Traditional series brick are classic in nature with a timeless style. Each one is crafted using traditional extrusion methods with very little texturing and slight rolled edges.

Special Shapes

Henry Brick offers a full selection of the special shapes that add that perfect finishing touch to your brick dream home. Watertables, copings, rowlocks, step treads — you name it, Henry can create it to add that look of distinction.

Thin Brick

Henry Brick now makes thin brick, a perfect option for for interior applications like walls, ceilings and floors. Thin brick is 5/8″ thick and offers weight and depth advantages, allowing it to serve in applications where full sized brick may not be appropriate.

Thin brick can be used on:

Walls and backspashes, including arches

A thin brick version is available in every color we make.

Painter Block

Painting brick can give a consistent and uniform look and also allow you to match to any color for your specific project. Henry Brick now makes a brick specific for painting with our Legacy series texture and no coating for better paint adhesion.

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